All About Brand Advocates and Social Marketing

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“Up to 90% of [marketing] spend goes to advertising and retail promotions. Yet the single most powerful impetus to buy is often someone else’s advocacy.” – David C. Edelman, Principal, McKinsey & Company, in Harvard Business Review”

Marketers are spending money in all the wrong places! To which we say…

I tweet, therefore I am.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    Couldn’t agree more — funny that I just saw these charts, they will go perfectly in a ppt I am doing this afternoon to make a similar point (appropriately sourced, of course). I just launched a new site ( to address the fact that while brands are spending tons of time and money in online ads, they just end up overwhelming or (worse) annoying consumers. There’s got to be a better way for the 2 sides to come together, engage, and deliver value to each other. I am hoping adpropo is one great way to solve that. Thanks for so clearly and concisely summing up this piece of the issue; the full post of the HBR piece is interesting – I hadn’t seen that yet.

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