All About Brand Advocates and Social Marketing

Brands have been intensely focusing on racking up the “likes” on their Facebook page through various marketing tactics such as offering incentives, investing in Facebook ads, and more. But even with hundreds of thousands of Facebook fans, the road to kick ass Facebook engagement is a rather bumpy one.

Take a look at these stats working against you when it comes to Facebook marketing:

88% of Facebook users never return to a fan page once they “like” it (

Due to EdgeRank, each time a brand posts to their Facebook page, only about 16-18% of fans actually see the post in their newsfeeds (source: comScore, Facebook.)

According to a recent Ehrenberg-Bass study, now you can add this stat: Only 1% of Facebook fans engage with brands.

So how do you overcome these obstacles and increase brand engagement? Focus not just on your fans, but on your fanatics (AKA your Brand Advocates) to share your content with their friends.

Why focus on your Brand Advocates?

  • Brand Advocates are a different breed: They are 50% more likely to influence purchase decisions and 75% more likely to share great product experiences.
  • By mobilizing your Advocates to share content on your behalf, you expand your reach beyond your current fan base to your Advocates’ networks.
  • Brand Advocates will spread the love across channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, third party review sites, etc.), not just Facebook.
  • Your customers don’t trust you anyway. 90% of consumers trust Word of Mouth; only 24% trust online ads (source: Nielsen.)

To learn more about leveraging your brand fanatics, download our whitepaper, Turning Fans and Followers into Brand Advocates.

I tweet, therefore I am.

5 Responses to Your Facebook Fans are Not Fanatics- Only 1% Engage With Brands

  1. Scott Shepherd says:

    can you guys add Evernote to the options to bookmark or share your content? I enjoyed this article and would like to save it to my Evernote account. I have seen this on a few sites. Thanks.

  2. Bill says:

    And that is why Facebook is not worth $100 Billion, it does not offer nearly as much ROI as people believe it does. Thanks for highlighting the ineffectiveness of the platform!

  3. Kaleb says:

    Focusing on brand advocates is only one part of the equation.

    Creating engaging content and understanding how you can get this across as many fans pages as possible is a crucial part of the strategy.

    We all know Facebook filters our messages but how do we ensure as many people see what we have to say as possible?

  4. Feel really sorry for these companies… We are getting a 200% “engagement rate” as we call it, surprising to know others only get 1%…

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